33 Weeks today! 8 months and a few more weeks to ParasiThomas arrive!

This last week I learned that mom pays with the tongue: I said I wouldn’t wake up at night, to bang, start peeing every 10 minutes! :-d But all right, I’ve been raising on average once a night alone! (We will see how long…..)

Of weekly news, we don’t have many, just that last weekend, husband decided to paint the baby’s room. It was supposed to be just a simple painting, but there’s that story: everything turns into a zone. He painted the 3 walls (because the fourth wall is white, where is the desk after all, it is half the office, half the baby’s room). It was beautiful and perfect. Then husband bothered with the amount of wires that had apparent – computer wire, router, phone, sound boxes and decided to disassemble everything. In this room, husband had made a table with what’s left of the MDF ´ of our wardrobes – have you said that husband is half a cabinetmaker? So, just that there, wire goes and wire comes, husband if Enfezou and bang: dismantled the table that had broken already on Friday with a head of a technician from the net (he had gone home to swap the modem and hit his head under the table). Result: Everything disassembled and we ended up buying a new desk that arrives this Monday. I don’t need to say that what was supposed to be the room ready, now it’s still the fourth deposit, with more thing, because we take out the drawers….. :-S The good side is that if ParasiThomas arrive before, the cradle is very fast to assemble! :-d After everything is ready, I will take a picture and put you to see how our idea has come!

About the weekly symptoms: Everyday heartburn, pee once at night, but still sleeping well, eventual swelling (no frylock, just an uncomfortable inchadinha) and back pain if I stay too long sitting or in the same position. The fact that I look like a hoofed turtle upside down doesn’t come to the case….:-d

About the swelling: Then last week I started to give a puffy. I annoyed, because it hurts, it gets all heavy and I was not in the mood to get a little hell up with this nuisance, as I step practically 8 of the day sitting. I decided to drain a clinic near the house. Then last Friday was my first session. I was sitting there, happy in my life, smoothing the pânceps, when suddenly a girl of these marombadássas, like Gracyanne. I took a fright – she had a face-to-lock and a strong mega shoulder, plus clear from an ass that left me intrigued: it was huge. Papo go, Papo Come, she asked the sex of the baby and I replied, wanting to understand how that huge ass had not created life and walked out walking alone. Well, I went into the room, I started the drainage and the lady talking to me that she did a lot of drainage in the patients of a plastic team and we started talking about prosthetics in the ass. Kind? Then she drops me the question, “Did you see that brunette at the reception? So she’s got prosthetics! Today she’s wearing black pants, but when she comes in white pants, you can see right where the silicone is. ” I said, “Gee, I noticed, it’s enormous, it looks like an ass that has a life of its own.” And she releases me the Pearl: “Do you know who she is?” And I, as much as I enter the ego.com to read the super-useful daily news, nor knew who that citizen was, ni qui she unleashes me: “She is the woman of the fleet!” Gentéam, I’m dead. According to the massage lady, she’s been a client for ages, before she was “famous”…. Rsrsrrssrs

But, O, talking about drainage: what Magavilha! It’s tããããão good, the skin gets a beautiful texture, loosho, Mohammed and I got out of there doing more pee than a camel. Tuesday I did the second session and I got there thinking the girl was going to say I didn’t even need it anymore because I was feeling super good. Then she squeezed my thigh. Then she saw that she got a mark. Then she really squeezed it. And I did a lot more pee than before…… The upside is that I’m not feeling bloated and even if I am, it hasn’t bothered me more like last week. I’m loving it, out that 1 hour receiving massage I get like this:

About exams: This fourth I took to make the final blood tests of the third tri, only who protocol… I took advantage of that here at the company they bring a laboratory for the collection and I did. I was there, “super happy” when the nurse asks me, “When is the C-section?” I answered the phrase that I maisodeionomundotodo: “Ahn, I will try normal”. Then he responds to me: “Oh, nice. The anesthesiologist will love your veins. ” I counted up to 1000 not to answer my crazy natural childbirth speech and I definitely got this face:

Now, at this stage it is engraçadíssimo to see the reaction of the people who ask me when he is born. I just say, “November” and the vast majority is amazed when I say I’m going to try normal. Really the whole world is anxious, I don’t. I just say that he comes when he wants and the funniest thing is that the crowd insists, asks date, then I give the DPP and all, without exception tell me: Ah, born before. Of course, it’s born before in this culture of taking the children out before the time, but I’ve given up trying to explain, only Yellow River and I’m out of the close. Where I work, the reaction when I said that next week will make my last ultrasound with almost 34 weeks was: “Wow, the last???? Eric! ” Then I couldn’t stand it, and I said, “Yes, make it too much is to look for the egg.” The person agreed and said that I wish I hadn’t had these neuroses either…..

Now, the belly itself looks like every day grows more! It’s amazing how quickly she has grown now in the end! Next week, M day 3/10 we’ll have our last encounter via a screen, I’ll do the third tri-only to see if it’s all right with him. I know it’s all right, because I feel it moving, kicking, sobbing, but it’s a chance to kill the worms of curiosity and see how many walks my brat!

You want to see how the belly grew this week?