And then we arrived at the 38 week of gestation. For some, it means the end, for me, means that they may still miss 4 weeks for the premiere of the ParasiThomas.

This last week has been marked by laziness! I think that as much as I stay home with Amy, I’m turning into a cat: I wake up, like, and I sleep. In fact, I’ve been sleeping so much that it’s been funny, because it’s not that I feel sleepy. I just put it out watching TV! This week, I also had some sort of nesting syndrome: I cleaned the house, went through and washed clothes, crazy! But I think this is connected to the fact that there are several chumacinhos by wandering around the house.

About symptoms of the week: The belly did not grow, I continue with 33cm of AU, but I feel it heavy, when I move in bed, I feel all that fluid wandering from one side to another, which gives me an affliction of hell! I’ve been sleeping well, even though I slept like hell during the day. Tonight I raised some 3x to go to the bathroom, but I went back to sleep normally. I’ve been getting hot. I’ve always been half cold one, with cold hands and feet and super cold, but now, I sweat practically all night! Tummy aches, like I’ve been in the same position all night, do you know how it feels? I think it has to do with the fact that the muscles are super stretched and so they bother. The heartburn has given a truce, I guess because I don’t stay even the whole day sitting around, everybody celebrates! I feel, right underneath my chest, the skin burns and getting a little numb. Anybody else have that?

This morning, two friends and my pregnant cousin, told me that they dreamed that Thomas was born! RS would be funny, because day 1/11 is a day too painful for me and my family: it’s the day my grandmother went upstairs and me, for always having been very attached to her, I miss, too much, and I’m sure she’d love to be here enjoying the arrival of the first grandchild. Maybe if he was born today, it would be funny the fact that this date was transformed into a day of death that turned life. We will see….

Other than that, my hands were more swollen this week, so yesterday I had to sleep without an alliance, something I hate. I put her now again and she’s half inchadinha, it bothers a little. It must be because of the drainage, I was last Thursday. I’m going to go this afternoon again and I hope you get better.

On instinct: My cat, Amy’s glued to me, like she fell into a pot of super bonder. And don’t tell me it’s because I’m home because I’ve always been to her the poopy girl and give comida…rs her love is my husband, but this week, the faggot stuck on me. Where I’m going in the back, sleeps glued on me, if I sit on the couch, she glues, if I go to the kitchen she rubs on me, if I take baths she stays in the sink looking. Very funny, because I’m sure that’s a hint that she knows Thomas is coming. I trust instincts, especially in animals.

About Epi-No: there that my sticker Smurf (affectionate nickname we gave him) has shown itself efficient! I can inflate it until it is 19cm in diameter, still small for a child’s head measuring average 30, 32 cm… But I feel to lengthen beeeeeeem the musculature and along with the massage that husband has made, until the physiotherapist thought the muscles are no longer tense, which is indeed the intention of the PPE-NO: lengthen and relax to avoid a episio. I intend to get to some 22cm before Thomas is born, but I don’t know if I can make it, because the bug bugs…

About cuteness: My grandmother finished the maternity comic. I’ve always thought it was foolish, but it’s impossible to ignore a grandmother’s cuteness, right? She made it and it was beautiful, all worked on the cross Stitch! [3]

On the gestation test: my friend is Enroladassa with the work, she couldn’t edit all the pictures yet. I’ve been dying of curiosity, but she has released one:

To die of curiosity, right?

Now, a montage of photos: My puffy fingers, the granny comic, my Amy glued to me as I write this post and the Thomas costumed for Halloween, because right? What’s the point of having a pânceps if not to mock?