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Why Do Twins Mothers Have the Yellow Smile?

I don’t know if you guys have ever seen it, but the mothers of twins aren’t always super receptive to conversations with strangers… and you know why?

Because we have to answer a basic questionnaire of strange people’s curiosity! That’s why, simple like that!

Questions like:

Are you twins?
Have there ever been twins in your family?
Your belly got too big?
Does it work? And so on…

Or even affirmations:

Look, Twins!
I think one can only work… imagine two!
Ours are identical!

These are observations we’ve heard every holy time we’ve decided to leave the house.

So you’re reading this, you’re thinking, “Our like this woman is crazy, ‘m not lying… are just questions”

They really are just questions, that at least once a week we have to respond to about 20 people we’ve never seen in this life.

Not that I’m not proud of my beautiful identical twin daughters, and it’s clear from my family history, because my grandmother had twin sons, but they are such obvious questions… it’s like asking if it’s going to rain on an extremely cloudy day.

Hence comes my yellowish smile when responding, and that’s why the vast majority of twin mothers have the yellow smile.

You want a hint?

Change your speech, ask questions!

Instead of saying: Our twins!, say: Look what beauty! (mothers usually love compliments to their children)

Instead of asking if they’re twins, ask if we don’t need help opening a door, washing a pacifier that fell on the floor if we don’t want to get a more spacious place in a restaurant…

These, my friends, are excellent questions, which will make them give generous smiles and really, without that yellowish aspect, and they’ll even give you the chance to ask the other questions you’re dying to do.

32 Week of Gestation

32 weeks for me has always been a sign of finalzão pregnancy, but for me, childbirth still seems somewhat far away, although I am sure that it is born before the 40 weeks. You will understand….

This week we had a consultation with Dr. Katie, who said it was okay and still complimented my belly (“What a beautiful belly!” -she said, I was thinking, after all, I think that all of Palmer ´ ‘s “Grease” in his belly has produced some effect. For now stretch marks 0. Speaking of which, I don’t think I’ve ever spoken here exactly about what I’ve been doing to the skin, right? I’m going to do it now, before I forget… hohohohohoho

Soon when I got pregnant, I went to search the prices of creams for pregnant women of those lines bacanudas and found out that 70 reais for a cream that would last a couple of months was too much for my pocket, then I resorted to the websites gringos to see what the girls there recommended for pregnancy. I discovered a brand (which I actually knew, but in other lines) called Palmer ´ S. I had already used their lip balm when we traveled and really hydration was absurd. Like, from dried lips, I’d become Angelina Jolie in a matter of minutes! Then I found out that they sold for ebay a kind of anti-striated cocoa butter and I decided to test it. The Palmer ´ ‘s coconut butter is awesome! Super recommend to anyone who can buy, make it, as besides having a delicious smell of cocoa and lavender, she hydrates a lot! You get the glowing skin and her texture to pass is very good! So you get a little “buttery” after you pass him, so you don’t like to get sloppy, you’re not going to enjoy it. I spend every night religiously in my belly and breasts, since Week 14, I think…. In the morning, after I get out of the bath, I pass in the belly and sissy jugs the coconut butter massage lotion. This one doesn’t smell, which is good because I can pass a perfume or something before I come to work. The texture is also great, not greasy and in a few seconds you get dry.

In the rest of the body, I continued to pass the creams of always: alternating with the Nivea that blue, for extra dry skin (although my skin is normal, I bought this to help in elasticity, because in pregnancy, my body skin became drier), alternating with the dove hydration intensive and some Victoria secret ´ ‘s because I like the smell! I know this question of creams may not help much if the person tends to have streaks, but my mother had only a small one in her belly, which came out when I was born (# limp, I know….), moreover, I drink a lot of water, but I’ve always been so, I’ve always taken a hell of water and consequently always did MTO pee! Hehehe Maybe this has helped me not to have had any listrinha so far! We’ll see to the end!

About symptoms: This week, I started getting my feet more swollen. So, I have very skinny feet, my toes have some bones that are always apparent, but now they have become like little little sausages! I scheduled today the first of the 10 drainage sessions for pregnant, because in the good, swollen foot hurts, bothers and I need to stand up to wash dishes, make food and work….. Besides, it’s been five nights that I always wake up a 3hs after I go to bed to pee and have some water. Paradox feelings. Plus, I’m still sleeping well, with a pillow between my legs, obviously.

About Thomas: I have the impression that of a week here, he caressed! I feel my belly bigger and his movements are more “dense”, as if the little arms were more chubby, I can’t explain – should that be! He moves a lot, but not enough to bother. It’s a really hot sensation, with if anything was slipping into my belly! Day 3/10 We’ll do the last ultrasound and I’m pretty curious to see you. Yesterday husband said he’s curious to see him on the outside of his belly! :-d

On childbirth: I am reading “active childbirth” as a preparation for childbirth. It really is very interesting and does not want to stop reading! They talk a lot about the physiology of childbirth itself and that is very cool, because it gives a notion of how our body works in tune so that the baby is born! I recommend the reading to all!

And that’s it, news of the 32 weeks! Next week, we’re going to do the pregnancy test and as soon as you give it, put some pictures! :-d

And the photo of the weekly pânceps???

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