Well, then that last Saturday we found out that parasite is a pole, a boy, a mini Motumbo. I was cross-legged, as I predicted, but it was bacaninha to let us see its parts’s pudendum! The funny thing is that shortly after the doctor showed Le Chick, he put his hand on top, it seems to be slutty just so we don’t see it, but in the end we managed to confirm that the parasite is big boy same as I predicted……

Of all these tests-sympathy, the only one that worked was the one in the alliance with the hair. In my case, as soon as I put it on my belly, the alliance was going up and down, a cheap one! Moreover, nothing else worked, the heartbeats were always more than 150bpm, but I confess that these sympathies are very funny! I had fun, but deep down I always knew that I was a big boy.

Now we’re in the indecisive of names. Actually we already have a preferred way, but more forward we will know if that is the same! :-d

We take advantage that the ultra was at São Luiz to make the tour and to know the maternity, since there is the only one where my doctor works. About motherhood: Really São Luiz do Itaim is a hotel. As we were there on Saturday, the quantity of mothers with cesarean section scheduled arriving was impressive, were several, all coming with their suitcases and taking pictures at the entrance. We did the tour and the rooms are super OK, notoriously tidy, safe and clean. They were all packed, because as we know from Friday to the second the quantities of cesarean section scheduled are enormous, so the rooms are very crowded. Unfortunate.

About the tour and the visit itself: some things I did not like about the attendance, but I do not blame the young lady who made the tour – she is instructed to do this. At the beginning of the tour, she presents the maternity ward, asks what kind of childbirth we want. Most mothers want normal, as we know, but she says there, although it is a humanized motherhood, the cesarean section are still a majority. What did the attendant sell as “humanized motherhood”? According to her, they are humanized because: the C-section happens to half light. After the birth and all the procedures with the baby, it stays on the “confined” of the father, in a sling stamped with his feet. He takes his first bath accompanied by his father. The mother has access to the nursery by video on TV. So, in the good…. I think that if a maternity is sold as “humanized” I think at least the basic concepts of humanization should be explained, but sadly until that concept I think it’s kind of banal, since everything should be humanized after all, they deal with people. Well, anyway… We went up to the 5th floor, to see what the sector nurseries are like. We came in and faced with a lot of babies in a kind of “showcase” and a nurse shoving artificial milk with a cup, in the mouth of a baby that clearly didn’t want him – he turned his face and the nurse forced him to take it. It bothered me in a way that I even walked out, to avoid hitting the glass and giving a croc on the nurse’s head. I don’t like it, I don’t like it, and I don’t like it.

Everything else is a big package. You know when you’re home and they want to sell you that standard thing? So motherhood is the same thing. We left there with a bag full of folders and freebies. They give a Bacaninha guide on hospitalization, necessary documents and I really enjoyed it, but I did not like the folders on “What a mother needs”, given by a consulting of pregnant women. I didn’t think it was cool selling the filming and photography service is obliged to be hired by them. A Publivideo has even a room in there. This is a married sale and I thought it was absurd. Outside the exorbitant prices (type 3800 real a book:). It’s got the trunk cells and the other stuff that accompanies the maternity pack. They also sell the luxury rooms and have a spreadsheet with daily. Type, 1280/day to have a differentiated breakfast, the baby’s trousseau and other freshness. I wonder who would pay for that.

About my decision: as much as a PD is very tempting for me, I do not know how I will react to TP, I do not know if how it will be then, the parasitic principle will be born in Sao Luiz even because with the differentiated team that will accompany me, I think it would be easier that my baby does not suffer with the standardization of birth.

For now, let’s stick to the saga of the name! We have some ideas, but we still don’t rock the hammer! :-d

And that’s it, welcome, Brat!