I don’t know if you guys have ever seen it, but the mothers of twins aren’t always super receptive to conversations with strangers… and you know why?

Because we have to answer a basic questionnaire of strange people’s curiosity! That’s why, simple like that!

Questions like:

Are you twins?
Have there ever been twins in your family?
Your belly got too big?
Does it work? And so on…

Or even affirmations:

Look, Twins!
I think one can only work… imagine two!
Ours are identical!

These are observations we’ve heard every holy time we’ve decided to leave the house.

So you’re reading this, you’re thinking, “Our like this woman is crazy, ‘m not lying… are just questions”

They really are just questions, that at least once a week we have to respond to about 20 people we’ve never seen in this life.

Not that I’m not proud of my beautiful identical twin daughters, and it’s clear from my family history, because my grandmother had twin sons, but they are such obvious questions… it’s like asking if it’s going to rain on an extremely cloudy day.

Hence comes my yellowish smile when responding, and that’s why the vast majority of twin mothers have the yellow smile.

You want a hint?

Change your speech, ask questions!

Instead of saying: Our twins!, say: Look what beauty! (mothers usually love compliments to their children)

Instead of asking if they’re twins, ask if we don’t need help opening a door, washing a pacifier that fell on the floor if we don’t want to get a more spacious place in a restaurant…

These, my friends, are excellent questions, which will make them give generous smiles and really, without that yellowish aspect, and they’ll even give you the chance to ask the other questions you’re dying to do.