Thirty weeks. Thirty weeks. Trin-Ta-da-ma! I always thought that weeks started with three were typical of the end of the pregnancy, but I confess that I still don’t feel ready to think it’s over. You’re born like my brother, from 36, does that mean I have another month and a half a belly? If it takes 42 weeks to be born, does that mean I have three months? Look…… I confess that thinking about it gives me a mixture of joy and sadness. Joy because I do not see the time to see the face of the ParasiThomas (yes, until second order it will be called Thomas:-d), and sadness because I will miss the belly, of feeling it stir, of imagining his face, of feeling the elbow poking me…..

Before this turns a past-dweller post on a belly that’s still here, let’s get the news! We haven’t started cleaning up his room yet, and I haven’t even washed his little clothes. I think I have time yet, but then I look in the calendar and I see that Ops… it’s running out of time! I think this weekend we’re going to at least paint the walls of the room and make everything kind of tidy. I’m still not going to take the cart and not the baby comfort of the boxes, because I’m sure Amy will climb up and fill with fur….. And since this is quick to assemble, we’ll let it wait when it’s born. I haven’t had that nesting syndrome… hehehe I can live with a crib without mounting and only clean clothes leave me alone!

About symptoms: This week, at the beginning, made a heat in Sao Paulo, result of the end of the day: my feet gave a slight swollen and were half boludos…. Now, with this wave of chills that came back, thank God the swelling is gone! The belly seems to have stretched mega this week because I feel more “stretched” even and the parasiThomas stirs. But how do you move. I’ve noticed that his preferred schedules are 8 A.M. and 8 P.M., the hours he’s most active, high even. In the afternoon, around a few 15:00 he also gets kind of Krazy– In fact, as I write this post, I feel like he’s getting ready in his belly. He’s all on the right side and from what I’ve seen, it’s the normal position of fetuses for birth, turned upside down, with the head looking down. I’m fine Ansiosinha for the next appointment with Dr. Katie to pick up the order and do the last ultrasound and see if we can see a little more of his little face!

I’ve had several training contractions, Braxton Hicks. It’s pretty funny how the belly gets stiff, hard, hard, then softens. It doesn’t hurt, I don’t feel anything, just the hardening of the belly. Usually they happen when I get too long sitting or sitting half pie!

I’ve had a blessed pregnancy, I’m glad! They could all be like that. I think I got fat, but because I feel heavier, I guess I must have gained some 6.5-7kg, but I don’t know, because the scale of the house ended the pile… hohohohoho

On the name: apparently he will be called Thomas. It’s the name we like most, but I confess that to me, whose maternity file has not yet fallen, it’s kind of complicated to refer to my belly as Thomas. But every time we talk about him we call him Thomas, ParasiThomas and so on. I hope we don’t change our minds and stay the same…. Some people don’t like it. What matters is that husband and I like it and ready! :-d

Now a doubt: I was by Google when I remembered that pregnancy has 9 moons. I wanted to tell on which moon I am and what the closest move to my DPP, but I got a doubt: I was pregnant in February. Should I tell the moon of February too or just March?

-I’m looking forward to the briefing with the birth photographer in 15/09;

-I’m anxious for the Bon Jovi show Day 21/09-yes, we will! \ o/33 weeks and the baby rock ยด n Roll!

-I am anxious for the photos of pregnant with my Amiga days 28 and 29/09;

-I’m anxious to go on vacation in 28/10 and come back alone in June/July 2014;

-I’m anxious for the last ultrasound;

-I’m anxious to meet pediatrician neonatologist in 14/09;

-but I’m not anxious for him to be born soon. I’m anxious, for childbirth. Thinking of his duration, intensity, what day he chooses, will be born at dawn, in the morning, in the afternoon, at lunchtime, as will be the birth itself, but the anxiety by the “born soon”, has not yet hit by here. Maybe because I’m feeling well, I think in the next few weeks it should get worse…..

What about the photo of the week? There you are!