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Month: June 2017

The Consultation with the Neo

Well, then that Saturday was a consultation day with the neonatologist who will accompany Thomas at his earliest moments. Because I couldn’t be different, I loved it. I think it’s funny this new concept of “humanization” of attendance. In my conception, everyone who accepts to work with health should at least strive to meet patients in a warm, human way is the minimum. Now, after having seen and passed through some bizarre situations, I see how it is “easy” to meet patients in a respectful way, since when I began being answered during pregnancy. It makes a huge difference as regards trust and attendance.

But returning to the focus of the post, the consultation: we arrived at the location where Dr. Pick up and I was already delighted: a cottage in the midst of Vila Madalena, full of trees, plants and a brand new couple, bordering 25 years with a beautiful baby being breastfed in the waiting room. For those who do not know São Paulo, Vila Madalena is a super-known neighbourhood for being “alternate”, you find everything a little and for me, always gives me the impression of being out of this stone jungle. We waited an hour to be answered, but all right, because this was my “waiting room”:

Saturday made a wretched heat, so we stayed out there, husband and I enjoying the trees and taking pictures impublicáveis….rs

When Dr. She called us to the room, I felt a huge empathy for her figure, simply because she reminded me too much of a dear friend, Isabel, who lives in America today. They are very similar, so I felt absolutely welcomed by the presence. The same sweet tone of voice and the same bright smile!

We talked and the first thing she asked me was “What’s the baby’s name”: She said she doesn’t like to answer the “nenê”. He’s a person, needs a name to be answered “< 3 died of cuteness. He asked us to tell you a little more about ourselves, how long we were together, if he had been planned and who had indicated her. We counted everything and she told me what I suspected: we were with one of the finest natural childbirth teams in SP. < 3 (died of love Again) After that, I started with the practical questions, some I already knew the answer because I had already filled in my birthing plan, others were doubts, like: -After birth: if he's okay, he leaves the Williams right into his lap. Ricky cuts the cord, after he stops pulsating and the baby stays with me. If you want to breast-feed, he's breast. According to her, sometimes some babies don't want to suck as soon as they're born, so it's at his discretion. When I get out of the bathtub (if it is born in the water) while Dr. Katie examines me, Dr. Sandra will take you to the cradle heated, accompanied by Ricky to examine and make measurements of weight and approximate size – no stretch-pull-account. At this time, a St. Luiz's nurse comes, just to put the bauble her wrist on him. After that, he's wrapped up in a heated cloth and goes back to my lap or Ricky. One thing I found cool is that he's not going to take "that" bath as soon as he's born. They get cleaned up, but actually bathing, really, with soap and water, only afterwards. Another interesting thing, is that she said that Ricky accompanies him to do the "restraint" of him, which is nothing more than holding him in a blanket so he doesn't get desperate with so much space while he is measured. -Vitamin K: He will take the dose orally. It's three doses: one at birth, another after 7 days and one last after 30 days. These last two doses I need to buy, because it's not done at the hospital, obviously. -Silver nitrate eyedrops: I said I didn't want to, she already told me laughing: "But it's obvious, you don't have gonorrhea!" I don't have to say anything else. -About entering the hospital: As usual, all babies born in S. Luiz, need to go through a sort of "customs", to enter the birth and registration of it. Usually babies are 4-6:00 there, separated from their mother, dumped in the cradle, being observed by strangers and relatives through that glass window. In our case, he stays for an hour, accompanied by specific guidance from Dr. Sandra, so he doesn't fall into hospital protocols and normally, after 1:00, he goes to his room and stays with us until we go. -Maternity clothes: How will he stay in accommodation set 24 hours, I did not know exactly how to proceed, because if he does not go to nursery, how are the diapers (s. Luiz offers diapers and cleaning kit)?. Dr. Bailey. He laughed and said that he will be in housing together, not "abandonment set". In this case, she said to take what they really ask and that everything will be done in the bedroom, with me or with Ricky accompanying. She told us she spends all night to give her first bucket bath and that's on purpose, because they stay calmer overnight, after the shower. On this list of clothing, I will take yes some things they ask, but others I will abstract, simply because not short-type mitts. -About the vaccines: that was something that left me in doubt, because at the same time I think it's important, I don't know if I think it's cool to sting the poor guy right after he was born. Dr. Bailey. She told me the same, and she said, if we only stay 24 hours at the hospital, she recommends doing everything: test of the foot, Flopsy, BCG and hepatitis after a week of born. It's probably what we're going to do, but it still depends how long we're in the hospital. Moreover, I can say that I felt very happy with the choice, she really is a blessed pediatrician and I and husband love the consultation. Now, just wait and see the baby Thomas face!

34 Weeks of Gestation

33 Weeks today! 8 months and a few more weeks to ParasiThomas arrive!

This last week I learned that mom pays with the tongue: I said I wouldn’t wake up at night, to bang, start peeing every 10 minutes! :-d But all right, I’ve been raising on average once a night alone! (We will see how long…..)

Of weekly news, we don’t have many, just that last weekend, husband decided to paint the baby’s room. It was supposed to be just a simple painting, but there’s that story: everything turns into a zone. He painted the 3 walls (because the fourth wall is white, where is the desk after all, it is half the office, half the baby’s room). It was beautiful and perfect. Then husband bothered with the amount of wires that had apparent – computer wire, router, phone, sound boxes and decided to disassemble everything. In this room, husband had made a table with what’s left of the MDF ´ of our wardrobes – have you said that husband is half a cabinetmaker? So, just that there, wire goes and wire comes, husband if Enfezou and bang: dismantled the table that had broken already on Friday with a head of a technician from the net (he had gone home to swap the modem and hit his head under the table). Result: Everything disassembled and we ended up buying a new desk that arrives this Monday. I don’t need to say that what was supposed to be the room ready, now it’s still the fourth deposit, with more thing, because we take out the drawers….. :-S The good side is that if ParasiThomas arrive before, the cradle is very fast to assemble! :-d After everything is ready, I will take a picture and put you to see how our idea has come!

About the weekly symptoms: Everyday heartburn, pee once at night, but still sleeping well, eventual swelling (no frylock, just an uncomfortable inchadinha) and back pain if I stay too long sitting or in the same position. The fact that I look like a hoofed turtle upside down doesn’t come to the case….:-d

About the swelling: Then last week I started to give a puffy. I annoyed, because it hurts, it gets all heavy and I was not in the mood to get a little hell up with this nuisance, as I step practically 8 of the day sitting. I decided to drain a clinic near the house. Then last Friday was my first session. I was sitting there, happy in my life, smoothing the pânceps, when suddenly a girl of these marombadássas, like Gracyanne. I took a fright – she had a face-to-lock and a strong mega shoulder, plus clear from an ass that left me intrigued: it was huge. Papo go, Papo Come, she asked the sex of the baby and I replied, wanting to understand how that huge ass had not created life and walked out walking alone. Well, I went into the room, I started the drainage and the lady talking to me that she did a lot of drainage in the patients of a plastic team and we started talking about prosthetics in the ass. Kind? Then she drops me the question, “Did you see that brunette at the reception? So she’s got prosthetics! Today she’s wearing black pants, but when she comes in white pants, you can see right where the silicone is. ” I said, “Gee, I noticed, it’s enormous, it looks like an ass that has a life of its own.” And she releases me the Pearl: “Do you know who she is?” And I, as much as I enter the to read the super-useful daily news, nor knew who that citizen was, ni qui she unleashes me: “She is the woman of the fleet!” Gentéam, I’m dead. According to the massage lady, she’s been a client for ages, before she was “famous”…. Rsrsrrssrs

But, O, talking about drainage: what Magavilha! It’s tããããão good, the skin gets a beautiful texture, loosho, Mohammed and I got out of there doing more pee than a camel. Tuesday I did the second session and I got there thinking the girl was going to say I didn’t even need it anymore because I was feeling super good. Then she squeezed my thigh. Then she saw that she got a mark. Then she really squeezed it. And I did a lot more pee than before…… The upside is that I’m not feeling bloated and even if I am, it hasn’t bothered me more like last week. I’m loving it, out that 1 hour receiving massage I get like this:

About exams: This fourth I took to make the final blood tests of the third tri, only who protocol… I took advantage of that here at the company they bring a laboratory for the collection and I did. I was there, “super happy” when the nurse asks me, “When is the C-section?” I answered the phrase that I maisodeionomundotodo: “Ahn, I will try normal”. Then he responds to me: “Oh, nice. The anesthesiologist will love your veins. ” I counted up to 1000 not to answer my crazy natural childbirth speech and I definitely got this face:

Now, at this stage it is engraçadíssimo to see the reaction of the people who ask me when he is born. I just say, “November” and the vast majority is amazed when I say I’m going to try normal. Really the whole world is anxious, I don’t. I just say that he comes when he wants and the funniest thing is that the crowd insists, asks date, then I give the DPP and all, without exception tell me: Ah, born before. Of course, it’s born before in this culture of taking the children out before the time, but I’ve given up trying to explain, only Yellow River and I’m out of the close. Where I work, the reaction when I said that next week will make my last ultrasound with almost 34 weeks was: “Wow, the last???? Eric! ” Then I couldn’t stand it, and I said, “Yes, make it too much is to look for the egg.” The person agreed and said that I wish I hadn’t had these neuroses either…..

Now, the belly itself looks like every day grows more! It’s amazing how quickly she has grown now in the end! Next week, M day 3/10 we’ll have our last encounter via a screen, I’ll do the third tri-only to see if it’s all right with him. I know it’s all right, because I feel it moving, kicking, sobbing, but it’s a chance to kill the worms of curiosity and see how many walks my brat!

You want to see how the belly grew this week?

32 Week of Gestation

32 weeks for me has always been a sign of finalzão pregnancy, but for me, childbirth still seems somewhat far away, although I am sure that it is born before the 40 weeks. You will understand….

This week we had a consultation with Dr. Katie, who said it was okay and still complimented my belly (“What a beautiful belly!” -she said, I was thinking, after all, I think that all of Palmer ´ ‘s “Grease” in his belly has produced some effect. For now stretch marks 0. Speaking of which, I don’t think I’ve ever spoken here exactly about what I’ve been doing to the skin, right? I’m going to do it now, before I forget… hohohohohoho

Soon when I got pregnant, I went to search the prices of creams for pregnant women of those lines bacanudas and found out that 70 reais for a cream that would last a couple of months was too much for my pocket, then I resorted to the websites gringos to see what the girls there recommended for pregnancy. I discovered a brand (which I actually knew, but in other lines) called Palmer ´ S. I had already used their lip balm when we traveled and really hydration was absurd. Like, from dried lips, I’d become Angelina Jolie in a matter of minutes! Then I found out that they sold for ebay a kind of anti-striated cocoa butter and I decided to test it. The Palmer ´ ‘s coconut butter is awesome! Super recommend to anyone who can buy, make it, as besides having a delicious smell of cocoa and lavender, she hydrates a lot! You get the glowing skin and her texture to pass is very good! So you get a little “buttery” after you pass him, so you don’t like to get sloppy, you’re not going to enjoy it. I spend every night religiously in my belly and breasts, since Week 14, I think…. In the morning, after I get out of the bath, I pass in the belly and sissy jugs the coconut butter massage lotion. This one doesn’t smell, which is good because I can pass a perfume or something before I come to work. The texture is also great, not greasy and in a few seconds you get dry.

In the rest of the body, I continued to pass the creams of always: alternating with the Nivea that blue, for extra dry skin (although my skin is normal, I bought this to help in elasticity, because in pregnancy, my body skin became drier), alternating with the dove hydration intensive and some Victoria secret ´ ‘s because I like the smell! I know this question of creams may not help much if the person tends to have streaks, but my mother had only a small one in her belly, which came out when I was born (# limp, I know….), moreover, I drink a lot of water, but I’ve always been so, I’ve always taken a hell of water and consequently always did MTO pee! Hehehe Maybe this has helped me not to have had any listrinha so far! We’ll see to the end!

About symptoms: This week, I started getting my feet more swollen. So, I have very skinny feet, my toes have some bones that are always apparent, but now they have become like little little sausages! I scheduled today the first of the 10 drainage sessions for pregnant, because in the good, swollen foot hurts, bothers and I need to stand up to wash dishes, make food and work….. Besides, it’s been five nights that I always wake up a 3hs after I go to bed to pee and have some water. Paradox feelings. Plus, I’m still sleeping well, with a pillow between my legs, obviously.

About Thomas: I have the impression that of a week here, he caressed! I feel my belly bigger and his movements are more “dense”, as if the little arms were more chubby, I can’t explain – should that be! He moves a lot, but not enough to bother. It’s a really hot sensation, with if anything was slipping into my belly! Day 3/10 We’ll do the last ultrasound and I’m pretty curious to see you. Yesterday husband said he’s curious to see him on the outside of his belly! :-d

On childbirth: I am reading “active childbirth” as a preparation for childbirth. It really is very interesting and does not want to stop reading! They talk a lot about the physiology of childbirth itself and that is very cool, because it gives a notion of how our body works in tune so that the baby is born! I recommend the reading to all!

And that’s it, news of the 32 weeks! Next week, we’re going to do the pregnancy test and as soon as you give it, put some pictures! :-d

And the photo of the weekly pânceps???

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