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Month: July 2017

Why Do Twins Mothers Have the Yellow Smile?

I don’t know if you guys have ever seen it, but the mothers of twins aren’t always super receptive to conversations with strangers… and you know why?

Because we have to answer a basic questionnaire of strange people’s curiosity! That’s why, simple like that!

Questions like:

Are you twins?
Have there ever been twins in your family?
Your belly got too big?
Does it work? And so on…

Or even affirmations:

Look, Twins!
I think one can only work… imagine two!
Ours are identical!

These are observations we’ve heard every holy time we’ve decided to leave the house.

So you’re reading this, you’re thinking, “Our like this woman is crazy, ‘m not lying… are just questions”

They really are just questions, that at least once a week we have to respond to about 20 people we’ve never seen in this life.

Not that I’m not proud of my beautiful identical twin daughters, and it’s clear from my family history, because my grandmother had twin sons, but they are such obvious questions… it’s like asking if it’s going to rain on an extremely cloudy day.

Hence comes my yellowish smile when responding, and that’s why the vast majority of twin mothers have the yellow smile.

You want a hint?

Change your speech, ask questions!

Instead of saying: Our twins!, say: Look what beauty! (mothers usually love compliments to their children)

Instead of asking if they’re twins, ask if we don’t need help opening a door, washing a pacifier that fell on the floor if we don’t want to get a more spacious place in a restaurant…

These, my friends, are excellent questions, which will make them give generous smiles and really, without that yellowish aspect, and they’ll even give you the chance to ask the other questions you’re dying to do.

The Worst Mother in the World

How many times have you felt the worst mother in the world?

My first time as “worst mother in the world” was recent, but don’t think you were a single time… it was folded! And that’s not due to the fact that I have twins? But because the first episode… took me to the second! Were you curious? Then follow me!

About 3 weeks ago my girlfriends (BFFs I love) came to visit me, it was Sunday night and I was full of homesickness since I became a mother I don’t have much time to be with them.

Their visit makes us super well, good chat, laughter and “OK” in the day, not counting that they give a force with luly and lory that are all day more beautiful.

In these visits they always bring something to snack. This time my friend Char brought a wonderful orange cake from a famous bakery here from Sao Paulo called Crazy Maria.

All very good, all very well… at the end of the night after dinner we ate a slice of that cake and all went home happily and happy.

On Monday at my breakfast I invented to eat another slice of cake and now that the girls are already 10 months old they are under the table opening their mouths to see if they fish any other food than theirs.

Behold, mother thought, “Um… what harm can an orange cake do?” and I gave a little bit to each… little bit even equivalent to the size of a bean.

Later that day, I came back from work and went to change the diapers… to my surprise… Little Red dots on all their legs… hundreds… Thousands of dots and a lot of irritation of luly and Lory.

I ran to the hospital… It was already very late and my husband traveling, lucky my sister Mimi was here and helped me.

Arriving at the hospital, the Doctor:

-Good night, what’s going on?

-they have red dots all over the leg (I replied)

-Since when?




-How did they behave during the day?

-Usually (according to the Babysitter’s reports)

-Any change in the food?

-Yes, I gave you orange cake.


-Not from the bakery.

At this moment doctor looks at me with a very serious face and asks:

-Mom, they’re nine months old, and you gave cake from the bakery? Are you sure??

died! Attested to the worst mother in the world!

(Just me, I always follow the rules! Just I never advance the signal primarily with feeding)

I was the size of a pin, but I answered:

-It was just a little bit…..

Conclusion was allergies, so we left with an allergy prescription for 5 days!

Case solved, lesson learned! purchased remedy and treatment initiated.

You think it’s over there? Don’t!

The week passed and it was a very hectic week, every day gave the medication before leaving to work and counted with the nanny to give the other schedules (which I’m sure she did)

On Friday my husband wanted to go out to celebrate his birthday, you made me a request so that we could enjoy the night without having the paranoia to come back on time so we decided to leave them at my mother-in-law’s house, in the previous days I noticed that the allergy was not gone, but I did not see problems because it was in full treatment.

On Friday I took a super Transit to come home, just time to pick them up, take them to my mother-in-law and go meet my husband.

(Second night in the life I slept away from the girls)

Saturday then when I picked them up, I went to change my diaper and I saw a lot of bubbles where there were the dots.

We ran to the hospital, and died for the second time, with the knee friction on the ground by Enfgatinhar, the rash of the allergy opened, Ai came into bacteria that made abode and proliferated by bringing the so-called bullous impetigo.

First time they took a blood test and first time on the antibiotics!

That concludes the world’s worst-mother feats!

A lot of guilt! Too much remorse!

But also a lot of lesson learned, much love to give, very zeal and probably would too long with them to revert that title.

After all, if my babies talked, they’d say… Mom misses too!

About Everything

Oh, pregnant head’s a little fuzzy, huh? So confusing it even makes you want to make a post today!

We are in the 35th week and 4 days and I confess that I have had paniquinho to think that he may be born! Is that all pregnant women are terrified of premature childbirth, or just the pregnant women who are desperately expecting to drop the holiday money on the day 24/10?

Next week is my last week at work and I confess that if it wasn’t for the holidays I would have gone before. The belly is overweight and I have been cansadérrima to sit all the time, I need to divide between sit and lie down and walk. Not necessarily in this order…. Yesterday I realized that turning in bed makes the belly ache. And it gives a crazy, half kid, that just makes me want to lie down and stay there. But then I lay on my side and my stomach hurts! You know when we sleep all night in the same position and the stomach gets sore? So it’s the same sensation! Scooter… Even the leggings annoys and my will is to come work in sweatpants! Is it really bad? Because if you take a little, I’ll risk it. Rs

I’m still waiting for Thomas to be born and hoping for him to wait at least this week and the other. First, because this weekend, I will, from the highs of my 36 weeks, get my European citizenship. Loosho, Ryqueza and Phynesse of who you’ve been waiting for, like, two years. Of course, the consul would only release that when I was already well-rounded. The good thing is if he’s born while I’m signing the paperwork, he’s already out with citizenship… hehehehehe

This weekend, we just cleaned up his little room. Husband (who should be a carpenter) made a estantezinha for him and installed on Sunday! It was a grace, clean the way we like it. And also, for the time he saw using it’s Óóótimo! We have been able to put some decorating things and now lack to buy only amenities: Absorbent post-childbirth, nail cutter for him and diaper rash ointments. I also packed the wardrobe with his jaquetinhas, it got all hung up and fluffy, but I think I’m going to need more hangers, because the kid’s got Jaquetinha I’m going to tell you, see?

In the most, people keep brooding about asking me dates, some even advise me to “not be born with 37 weeks, to wait more”, as if I were to control this and had people until they thought it was cool “such a water birth”. I think it’s funny, Rio, I don’t say anything. I’ll let you talk, and I’m just saying he’ll come anytime, because that’s true. I still have a scared of the hour p, like, the time things really get to work. I think every mother is afraid of not knowing if she’s real, if they’re contractions, if they’re not…. They say you know when it is, right? I will continue to rely on my intuition…..

Well, not to say that the post is boring, follow the photos of the super half room to which this stump of people have right! :-d

How are your belly?

38 Weeks of Gestation

And then we arrived at the 38 week of gestation. For some, it means the end, for me, means that they may still miss 4 weeks for the premiere of the ParasiThomas.

This last week has been marked by laziness! I think that as much as I stay home with Amy, I’m turning into a cat: I wake up, like, and I sleep. In fact, I’ve been sleeping so much that it’s been funny, because it’s not that I feel sleepy. I just put it out watching TV! This week, I also had some sort of nesting syndrome: I cleaned the house, went through and washed clothes, crazy! But I think this is connected to the fact that there are several chumacinhos by wandering around the house.

About symptoms of the week: The belly did not grow, I continue with 33cm of AU, but I feel it heavy, when I move in bed, I feel all that fluid wandering from one side to another, which gives me an affliction of hell! I’ve been sleeping well, even though I slept like hell during the day. Tonight I raised some 3x to go to the bathroom, but I went back to sleep normally. I’ve been getting hot. I’ve always been half cold one, with cold hands and feet and super cold, but now, I sweat practically all night! Tummy aches, like I’ve been in the same position all night, do you know how it feels? I think it has to do with the fact that the muscles are super stretched and so they bother. The heartburn has given a truce, I guess because I don’t stay even the whole day sitting around, everybody celebrates! I feel, right underneath my chest, the skin burns and getting a little numb. Anybody else have that?

This morning, two friends and my pregnant cousin, told me that they dreamed that Thomas was born! RS would be funny, because day 1/11 is a day too painful for me and my family: it’s the day my grandmother went upstairs and me, for always having been very attached to her, I miss, too much, and I’m sure she’d love to be here enjoying the arrival of the first grandchild. Maybe if he was born today, it would be funny the fact that this date was transformed into a day of death that turned life. We will see….

Other than that, my hands were more swollen this week, so yesterday I had to sleep without an alliance, something I hate. I put her now again and she’s half inchadinha, it bothers a little. It must be because of the drainage, I was last Thursday. I’m going to go this afternoon again and I hope you get better.

On instinct: My cat, Amy’s glued to me, like she fell into a pot of super bonder. And don’t tell me it’s because I’m home because I’ve always been to her the poopy girl and give comida…rs her love is my husband, but this week, the faggot stuck on me. Where I’m going in the back, sleeps glued on me, if I sit on the couch, she glues, if I go to the kitchen she rubs on me, if I take baths she stays in the sink looking. Very funny, because I’m sure that’s a hint that she knows Thomas is coming. I trust instincts, especially in animals.

About Epi-No: there that my sticker Smurf (affectionate nickname we gave him) has shown itself efficient! I can inflate it until it is 19cm in diameter, still small for a child’s head measuring average 30, 32 cm… But I feel to lengthen beeeeeeem the musculature and along with the massage that husband has made, until the physiotherapist thought the muscles are no longer tense, which is indeed the intention of the PPE-NO: lengthen and relax to avoid a episio. I intend to get to some 22cm before Thomas is born, but I don’t know if I can make it, because the bug bugs…

About cuteness: My grandmother finished the maternity comic. I’ve always thought it was foolish, but it’s impossible to ignore a grandmother’s cuteness, right? She made it and it was beautiful, all worked on the cross Stitch! [3]

On the gestation test: my friend is Enroladassa with the work, she couldn’t edit all the pictures yet. I’ve been dying of curiosity, but she has released one:

To die of curiosity, right?

Now, a montage of photos: My puffy fingers, the granny comic, my Amy glued to me as I write this post and the Thomas costumed for Halloween, because right? What’s the point of having a pânceps if not to mock?

Ah, the Intuition…

… that naughty girl! If I was sure the ParasiThomas was born day 28/10, it was obvious not, right? lol

The same way I had to you-za that he was Olivia, he’s still in here, having fun squeezing me in the belly and giving light and subtle movements.

Now, I’m on vacation, everyone celebrates and I’ve been spending since yesterday in pajamas most of the day! Delight will say some, sloppy will say others and I say unto them: Liberty! A marvel can get fleece pants all day and Hawaiian on the feet!

With the grace of S. Pedro, he decided to send a cold front to SP and I am nothing bloated and no heartburn! If it wasn’t for the belly, I’d say I’m like I’ve always been: light! I do not know if the heartburn has passed because I have been less time sitting (now I am no longer 8/day) or if it is because the stress vanished or if because the belly gave a lowered and stopped pressing the stomach! I don’t know, and I don’t care, just not feeling that feeling that I took fire and’ve eased with gasoline, I feel happy.

Today I decided to pack up his maternity suitcase and how he stays in the room with me, I haven’t separated anything by sachets and I haven’t set up the Trousseau according to what the hospital asks. # Rebel in good, they ask: “jumpsuits and matching blankets.” Spare me. I’m taking all of his RN bodies (5) and the jumpsuits too. I grabbed some onesies of body and trousers and the layette my grandmother did, so he could use as soon as she was born, after all, she deserves it! I’m also taking (scoffs), some mouth diapers (those of Creamer cotton), three fleece blankets, two cotton touquinhas, some socks and some diapers, although the S. Luiz say give us the diapers. I’d rather take it, because if you need some at dawn, I’ll manage. I’m also taking some little shows of diaper rash ointment and his hair brush, because I’ve seen you have some hairs in the head on the ultrasound and the disheveled is enough for mom! < 3 still lacks the nail cutter – because I am terrified of a long fingernail child and I think only.

My suitcase will leave to do when entering TP, in good, I find a bag to take things and suddenly need and have to go hunting. I’m wanting to take a pair of trousers in tight pajamas, my top-type bras – because I hate breastfeeding and fluted races, of those well-done. I’m going to take a couple of clothes to see which I’m leaving the maternity ward, because I don’t know how the time and my cleaning kits are, including the curling iron, because I’m already like the daughter of Bethânia.

I didn’t do a souvenir for motherhood and I’m not doing it.

On the PPE-NO: Affectionately’m the Kid cane. Why, right? The business inflates, inflates and inflates and Williams will lengthen. When it’s over, it looks like I gave it all night, just not. As my husband said, very wisely: “Do you prefer the Bengal smurf (because it is blue) or take a few stitches there?” So, with this reminder, I inflate and inflate. The most I could inflate was 18, 5cm. I have faith in arriving at least a few 22cm until Thomas is born! What I think is the coolest of Epi-in, it’s time to expel the balloon. It really gives the sensation that I am expelling a child’s head and it is very interesting to know how it is the force to expel. The funny thing is that how I do it lying down, it is notorious as it is harder to expel anything in a supinated position. Semi reclining or squatting for sure should be easier, with the help of gravity! Tomorrow physio comes here at home for the return consultation and today I will try to give a neatly not to do feio….rs

Besides, I’m still waiting for Thomas to arrive! Speaking of arrivals, I would like to give the (again) congratulations to my namesake Carolina who received Lucas yesterday!!! I’m dying to see his face, and I’ve already told what, or Thomas or Bernardo will be next! :-d

Sex Discovery and Maternity Visit

Well, then that last Saturday we found out that parasite is a pole, a boy, a mini Motumbo. I was cross-legged, as I predicted, but it was bacaninha to let us see its parts’s pudendum! The funny thing is that shortly after the doctor showed Le Chick, he put his hand on top, it seems to be slutty just so we don’t see it, but in the end we managed to confirm that the parasite is big boy same as I predicted……

Of all these tests-sympathy, the only one that worked was the one in the alliance with the hair. In my case, as soon as I put it on my belly, the alliance was going up and down, a cheap one! Moreover, nothing else worked, the heartbeats were always more than 150bpm, but I confess that these sympathies are very funny! I had fun, but deep down I always knew that I was a big boy.

Now we’re in the indecisive of names. Actually we already have a preferred way, but more forward we will know if that is the same! :-d

We take advantage that the ultra was at São Luiz to make the tour and to know the maternity, since there is the only one where my doctor works. About motherhood: Really São Luiz do Itaim is a hotel. As we were there on Saturday, the quantity of mothers with cesarean section scheduled arriving was impressive, were several, all coming with their suitcases and taking pictures at the entrance. We did the tour and the rooms are super OK, notoriously tidy, safe and clean. They were all packed, because as we know from Friday to the second the quantities of cesarean section scheduled are enormous, so the rooms are very crowded. Unfortunate.

About the tour and the visit itself: some things I did not like about the attendance, but I do not blame the young lady who made the tour – she is instructed to do this. At the beginning of the tour, she presents the maternity ward, asks what kind of childbirth we want. Most mothers want normal, as we know, but she says there, although it is a humanized motherhood, the cesarean section are still a majority. What did the attendant sell as “humanized motherhood”? According to her, they are humanized because: the C-section happens to half light. After the birth and all the procedures with the baby, it stays on the “confined” of the father, in a sling stamped with his feet. He takes his first bath accompanied by his father. The mother has access to the nursery by video on TV. So, in the good…. I think that if a maternity is sold as “humanized” I think at least the basic concepts of humanization should be explained, but sadly until that concept I think it’s kind of banal, since everything should be humanized after all, they deal with people. Well, anyway… We went up to the 5th floor, to see what the sector nurseries are like. We came in and faced with a lot of babies in a kind of “showcase” and a nurse shoving artificial milk with a cup, in the mouth of a baby that clearly didn’t want him – he turned his face and the nurse forced him to take it. It bothered me in a way that I even walked out, to avoid hitting the glass and giving a croc on the nurse’s head. I don’t like it, I don’t like it, and I don’t like it.

Everything else is a big package. You know when you’re home and they want to sell you that standard thing? So motherhood is the same thing. We left there with a bag full of folders and freebies. They give a Bacaninha guide on hospitalization, necessary documents and I really enjoyed it, but I did not like the folders on “What a mother needs”, given by a consulting of pregnant women. I didn’t think it was cool selling the filming and photography service is obliged to be hired by them. A Publivideo has even a room in there. This is a married sale and I thought it was absurd. Outside the exorbitant prices (type 3800 real a book:). It’s got the trunk cells and the other stuff that accompanies the maternity pack. They also sell the luxury rooms and have a spreadsheet with daily. Type, 1280/day to have a differentiated breakfast, the baby’s trousseau and other freshness. I wonder who would pay for that.

About my decision: as much as a PD is very tempting for me, I do not know how I will react to TP, I do not know if how it will be then, the parasitic principle will be born in Sao Luiz even because with the differentiated team that will accompany me, I think it would be easier that my baby does not suffer with the standardization of birth.

For now, let’s stick to the saga of the name! We have some ideas, but we still don’t rock the hammer! :-d

And that’s it, welcome, Brat!

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