Oh, pregnant head’s a little fuzzy, huh? So confusing it even makes you want to make a post today!

We are in the 35th week and 4 days and I confess that I have had paniquinho to think that he may be born! Is that all pregnant women are terrified of premature childbirth, or just the pregnant women who are desperately expecting to drop the holiday money on the day 24/10?

Next week is my last week at work and I confess that if it wasn’t for the holidays I would have gone before. The belly is overweight and I have been cansadérrima to sit all the time, I need to divide between sit and lie down and walk. Not necessarily in this order…. Yesterday I realized that turning in bed makes the belly ache. And it gives a crazy, half kid, that just makes me want to lie down and stay there. But then I lay on my side and my stomach hurts! You know when we sleep all night in the same position and the stomach gets sore? So it’s the same sensation! Scooter… Even the leggings annoys and my will is to come work in sweatpants! Is it really bad? Because if you take a little, I’ll risk it. Rs

I’m still waiting for Thomas to be born and hoping for him to wait at least this week and the other. First, because this weekend, I will, from the highs of my 36 weeks, get my European citizenship. Loosho, Ryqueza and Phynesse of who you’ve been waiting for, like, two years. Of course, the consul would only release that when I was already well-rounded. The good thing is if he’s born while I’m signing the paperwork, he’s already out with citizenship… hehehehehe

This weekend, we just cleaned up his little room. Husband (who should be a carpenter) made a estantezinha for him and installed on Sunday! It was a grace, clean the way we like it. And also, for the time he saw using it’s Óóótimo! We have been able to put some decorating things and now lack to buy only amenities: Absorbent post-childbirth, nail cutter for him and diaper rash ointments. I also packed the wardrobe with his jaquetinhas, it got all hung up and fluffy, but I think I’m going to need more hangers, because the kid’s got Jaquetinha I’m going to tell you, see?

In the most, people keep brooding about asking me dates, some even advise me to “not be born with 37 weeks, to wait more”, as if I were to control this and had people until they thought it was cool “such a water birth”. I think it’s funny, Rio, I don’t say anything. I’ll let you talk, and I’m just saying he’ll come anytime, because that’s true. I still have a scared of the hour p, like, the time things really get to work. I think every mother is afraid of not knowing if she’s real, if they’re contractions, if they’re not…. They say you know when it is, right? I will continue to rely on my intuition…..

Well, not to say that the post is boring, follow the photos of the super half room to which this stump of people have right! :-d

How are your belly?