… that naughty girl! If I was sure the ParasiThomas was born day 28/10, it was obvious not, right? lol

The same way I had to you-za that he was Olivia, he’s still in here, having fun squeezing me in the belly and giving light and subtle movements.

Now, I’m on vacation, everyone celebrates and I’ve been spending since yesterday in pajamas most of the day! Delight will say some, sloppy will say others and I say unto them: Liberty! A marvel can get fleece pants all day and Hawaiian on the feet!

With the grace of S. Pedro, he decided to send a cold front to SP and I am nothing bloated and no heartburn! If it wasn’t for the belly, I’d say I’m like I’ve always been: light! I do not know if the heartburn has passed because I have been less time sitting (now I am no longer 8/day) or if it is because the stress vanished or if because the belly gave a lowered and stopped pressing the stomach! I don’t know, and I don’t care, just not feeling that feeling that I took fire and’ve eased with gasoline, I feel happy.

Today I decided to pack up his maternity suitcase and how he stays in the room with me, I haven’t separated anything by sachets and I haven’t set up the Trousseau according to what the hospital asks. # Rebel in good, they ask: “jumpsuits and matching blankets.” Spare me. I’m taking all of his RN bodies (5) and the jumpsuits too. I grabbed some onesies of body and trousers and the layette my grandmother did, so he could use as soon as she was born, after all, she deserves it! I’m also taking (scoffs), some mouth diapers (those of Creamer cotton), three fleece blankets, two cotton touquinhas, some socks and some diapers, although the S. Luiz say give us the diapers. I’d rather take it, because if you need some at dawn, I’ll manage. I’m also taking some little shows of diaper rash ointment and his hair brush, because I’ve seen you have some hairs in the head on the ultrasound and the disheveled is enough for mom! < 3 still lacks the nail cutter – because I am terrified of a long fingernail child and I think only.

My suitcase will leave to do when entering TP, in good, I find a bag to take things and suddenly need and have to go hunting. I’m wanting to take a pair of trousers in tight pajamas, my top-type bras – because I hate breastfeeding and fluted races, of those well-done. I’m going to take a couple of clothes to see which I’m leaving the maternity ward, because I don’t know how the time and my cleaning kits are, including the curling iron, because I’m already like the daughter of Bethânia.

I didn’t do a souvenir for motherhood and I’m not doing it.

On the PPE-NO: Affectionately’m the Kid cane. Why, right? The business inflates, inflates and inflates and Williams will lengthen. When it’s over, it looks like I gave it all night, just not. As my husband said, very wisely: “Do you prefer the Bengal smurf (because it is blue) or take a few stitches there?” So, with this reminder, I inflate and inflate. The most I could inflate was 18, 5cm. I have faith in arriving at least a few 22cm until Thomas is born! What I think is the coolest of Epi-in, it’s time to expel the balloon. It really gives the sensation that I am expelling a child’s head and it is very interesting to know how it is the force to expel. The funny thing is that how I do it lying down, it is notorious as it is harder to expel anything in a supinated position. Semi reclining or squatting for sure should be easier, with the help of gravity! Tomorrow physio comes here at home for the return consultation and today I will try to give a neatly not to do feio….rs

Besides, I’m still waiting for Thomas to arrive! Speaking of arrivals, I would like to give the (again) congratulations to my namesake Carolina who received Lucas yesterday!!! I’m dying to see his face, and I’ve already told what, or Thomas or Bernardo will be next! :-d