Well, then that Saturday was a consultation day with the neonatologist who will accompany Thomas at his earliest moments. Because I couldn’t be different, I loved it. I think it’s funny this new concept of “humanization” of attendance. In my conception, everyone who accepts to work with health should at least strive to meet patients in a warm, human way is the minimum. Now, after having seen and passed through some bizarre situations, I see how it is “easy” to meet patients in a respectful way, since when I began being answered during pregnancy. It makes a huge difference as regards trust and attendance.

But returning to the focus of the post, the consultation: we arrived at the location where Dr. Pick up and I was already delighted: a cottage in the midst of Vila Madalena, full of trees, plants and a brand new couple, bordering 25 years with a beautiful baby being breastfed in the waiting room. For those who do not know São Paulo, Vila Madalena is a super-known neighbourhood for being “alternate”, you find everything a little and for me, always gives me the impression of being out of this stone jungle. We waited an hour to be answered, but all right, because this was my “waiting room”:

Saturday made a wretched heat, so we stayed out there, husband and I enjoying the trees and taking pictures impublicáveis….rs

When Dr. She called us to the room, I felt a huge empathy for her figure, simply because she reminded me too much of a dear friend, Isabel, who lives in America today. They are very similar, so I felt absolutely welcomed by the presence. The same sweet tone of voice and the same bright smile!

We talked and the first thing she asked me was “What’s the baby’s name”: She said she doesn’t like to answer the “nenê”. He’s a person, needs a name to be answered “< 3 died of cuteness. He asked us to tell you a little more about ourselves, how long we were together, if he had been planned and who had indicated her. We counted everything and she told me what I suspected: we were with one of the finest natural childbirth teams in SP. < 3 (died of love Again) After that, I started with the practical questions, some I already knew the answer because I had already filled in my birthing plan, others were doubts, like: -After birth: if he's okay, he leaves the Williams right into his lap. Ricky cuts the cord, after he stops pulsating and the baby stays with me. If you want to breast-feed, he's breast. According to her, sometimes some babies don't want to suck as soon as they're born, so it's at his discretion. When I get out of the bathtub (if it is born in the water) while Dr. Katie examines me, Dr. Sandra will take you to the cradle heated, accompanied by Ricky to examine and make measurements of weight and approximate size – no stretch-pull-account. At this time, a St. Luiz's nurse comes, just to put the bauble her wrist on him. After that, he's wrapped up in a heated cloth and goes back to my lap or Ricky. One thing I found cool is that he's not going to take "that" bath as soon as he's born. They get cleaned up, but actually bathing, really, with soap and water, only afterwards. Another interesting thing, is that she said that Ricky accompanies him to do the "restraint" of him, which is nothing more than holding him in a blanket so he doesn't get desperate with so much space while he is measured. -Vitamin K: He will take the dose orally. It's three doses: one at birth, another after 7 days and one last after 30 days. These last two doses I need to buy, because it's not done at the hospital, obviously. -Silver nitrate eyedrops: I said I didn't want to, she already told me laughing: "But it's obvious, you don't have gonorrhea!" I don't have to say anything else. -About entering the hospital: As usual, all babies born in S. Luiz, need to go through a sort of "customs", to enter the birth and registration of it. Usually babies are 4-6:00 there, separated from their mother, dumped in the cradle, being observed by strangers and relatives through that glass window. In our case, he stays for an hour, accompanied by specific guidance from Dr. Sandra, so he doesn't fall into hospital protocols and normally, after 1:00, he goes to his room and stays with us until we go. -Maternity clothes: How will he stay in accommodation set 24 hours, I did not know exactly how to proceed, because if he does not go to nursery, how are the diapers (s. Luiz offers diapers and cleaning kit)?. Dr. Bailey. He laughed and said that he will be in housing together, not "abandonment set". In this case, she said to take what they really ask and that everything will be done in the bedroom, with me or with Ricky accompanying. She told us she spends all night to give her first bucket bath and that's on purpose, because they stay calmer overnight, after the shower. On this list of clothing, I will take yes some things they ask, but others I will abstract, simply because not short-type mitts. -About the vaccines: that was something that left me in doubt, because at the same time I think it's important, I don't know if I think it's cool to sting the poor guy right after he was born. Dr. Bailey. She told me the same, and she said, if we only stay 24 hours at the hospital, she recommends doing everything: test of the foot, Flopsy, BCG and hepatitis after a week of born. It's probably what we're going to do, but it still depends how long we're in the hospital. Moreover, I can say that I felt very happy with the choice, she really is a blessed pediatrician and I and husband love the consultation. Now, just wait and see the baby Thomas face!