How many times have you felt the worst mother in the world?

My first time as “worst mother in the world” was recent, but don’t think you were a single time… it was folded! And that’s not due to the fact that I have twins? But because the first episode… took me to the second! Were you curious? Then follow me!

About 3 weeks ago my girlfriends (BFFs I love) came to visit me, it was Sunday night and I was full of homesickness since I became a mother I don’t have much time to be with them.

Their visit makes us super well, good chat, laughter and “OK” in the day, not counting that they give a force with luly and lory that are all day more beautiful.

In these visits they always bring something to snack. This time my friend Char brought a wonderful orange cake from a famous bakery here from Sao Paulo called Crazy Maria.

All very good, all very well… at the end of the night after dinner we ate a slice of that cake and all went home happily and happy.

On Monday at my breakfast I invented to eat another slice of cake and now that the girls are already 10 months old they are under the table opening their mouths to see if they fish any other food than theirs.

Behold, mother thought, “Um… what harm can an orange cake do?” and I gave a little bit to each… little bit even equivalent to the size of a bean.

Later that day, I came back from work and went to change the diapers… to my surprise… Little Red dots on all their legs… hundreds… Thousands of dots and a lot of irritation of luly and Lory.

I ran to the hospital… It was already very late and my husband traveling, lucky my sister Mimi was here and helped me.

Arriving at the hospital, the Doctor:

-Good night, what’s going on?

-they have red dots all over the leg (I replied)

-Since when?




-How did they behave during the day?

-Usually (according to the Babysitter’s reports)

-Any change in the food?

-Yes, I gave you orange cake.


-Not from the bakery.

At this moment doctor looks at me with a very serious face and asks:

-Mom, they’re nine months old, and you gave cake from the bakery? Are you sure??

died! Attested to the worst mother in the world!

(Just me, I always follow the rules! Just I never advance the signal primarily with feeding)

I was the size of a pin, but I answered:

-It was just a little bit…..

Conclusion was allergies, so we left with an allergy prescription for 5 days!

Case solved, lesson learned! purchased remedy and treatment initiated.

You think it’s over there? Don’t!

The week passed and it was a very hectic week, every day gave the medication before leaving to work and counted with the nanny to give the other schedules (which I’m sure she did)

On Friday my husband wanted to go out to celebrate his birthday, you made me a request so that we could enjoy the night without having the paranoia to come back on time so we decided to leave them at my mother-in-law’s house, in the previous days I noticed that the allergy was not gone, but I did not see problems because it was in full treatment.

On Friday I took a super Transit to come home, just time to pick them up, take them to my mother-in-law and go meet my husband.

(Second night in the life I slept away from the girls)

Saturday then when I picked them up, I went to change my diaper and I saw a lot of bubbles where there were the dots.

We ran to the hospital, and died for the second time, with the knee friction on the ground by Enfgatinhar, the rash of the allergy opened, Ai came into bacteria that made abode and proliferated by bringing the so-called bullous impetigo.

First time they took a blood test and first time on the antibiotics!

That concludes the world’s worst-mother feats!

A lot of guilt! Too much remorse!

But also a lot of lesson learned, much love to give, very zeal and probably would too long with them to revert that title.

After all, if my babies talked, they’d say… Mom misses too!